Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brisbane Fishing

You'd have thought the fishing around here would be marvellous...

But as we discovered when we went Beach Hunting previously, it is not so great. However, the spot at Deep Water bend was worth another visit just because it was a nice spot.

J and L and the boys came too.

L is vegetarian, and had never fished before. She and the boys had a great time dangling a line. Caught 6 fish (blowies) and threw them back!

And Peter caught a fish!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Out the window, the window, the second storey window ...

But when you look at the photo of our main room

(where we have been spending all our time, every day) your eyes are drawn to

The Window!
So, what's out there?

The Intersection!

This is our world. (A bit tame after China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia ... ?)

Little things become interesting and exciting - a chance to turn away from 'the books' (well, the laptop) for a few minutes.

Roadworks - who woulda thunk it - become an item of interest.

Odd noises (change from regular traffic) in the middle of the night woke us to find them putting in a new traffic light.

Another night - well, 4 am - these heavy plastic barriers were delivered by a truck and thumped and dragged into position by shouting road workers preparing for the EKKA (Brisbane Royal Show).


And then of course there was the EKKA itself (which we live almost next door to), with the rides (lit up in the middle there) with the screaming people having 'fun' and the booming anouncements.

The crash.

Despite being an incredibly busy intersection, this is the only crash we have ever seen/heard.

Right under our window, someone came around the corner too wide and demolished a car parked there.

The Cranes.

But of course the cranes (not birds) are a constant source of interest. We can't see what it is they are constructing, but we can sometimes see the 'little' man climbing the huge tower to his tiny cabin.

One day we were distracted from our studies by some unusual activity on one of the cranes.

Well, what do you do when your crane breaks way up there?

Time to turn back from the window to the computer ...

All work and no play

OK so I haven't actually been here (at my blog) for a little while.

But I have been at my computer ... endlessly.

This is where we have spent most of our days for the last few months.

Schedule: 1. Get up and have breaky etc 2. Study 3. If possible take a walk 4. Dinner then bed.

Exciting stuff, ay?