Friday, May 7, 2010

Beach Hunting

We've had a week of "getting-ready-to-study" - so many things to do. We spent one whole day (well, four and a half hours) in Centrelink applying for Austudy! And we were still in the throes of putting in an application for Advanced Standing with this university.

We were surprised this morning when we each received a package in the mail containing four text books for our four courses - we are quite impressed.

The whole thing has been quite exhausting. So we decided to go out a bit, and Peter has still been hoping to find a place to go fishing.


So we went across to the coast, to Nudgee - a little community with marshlands on 3 sides and a bit of a beach.

It's not as muddy as it looks! It was a long walk out to the actual water, but the water was quite clear out there with little ripply waves.

And obviously something is alive and busy under that sand/mud. We did see one tiny crab, but it looked like it was dying.

No sign of anyone fishing, although there was a boat ramp ... but not enough water to launch a boat at the moment. There was one of those special metal fish-cleaning tables (with a light overhead for when you come in at night), but not a hint of anything ever having been cleaned on it - not a single fish scale.

We came out of the marshy area, and worked our way a little farther along the beach, and came to


There's a fairly familiar beach name! No pavillion here, but a lot more sand than at the British Brighton beach!

Pleasant enough - but no fishing to be done here either.

So we consulted our maps again, and came across a spot a little further inland on a river, called

Deep River Bend

That sounded like the place to go.

Well, it is a lovely spot. Green shady trees and picnic facilities (complete with the odd mozzie), and specially built fishing platforms ... and a fish cleaning table that sported some good-sized fish-scales!

Peter got among the fishermen, and swapped fishing stories.

Well, it seems like it is at least theoretically possible to catch fish here.

Another day, grab the Aeroguard and let's do it!

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