Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Meanwhile, back at the flat ...

It was Monday. We read our final assignment results in our emails.

We talked about just riding the train and exploring Brisbane from stations that looked interesting - an idea I had during some sleepless hours of the night.

But first we had to go to the dentist.

That wasn't fun, and we came home with both of us having numb/sore mouths. I think some of the anaesthetic may have seeped into my brain. As it was close to lunch time I figured soup might be my best option, so I set about cutting up veges, and soon had a potful on the stove.

Peter said maybe the soup would be better for tea, as we had been talking about going out - on the train, remember?

Oh, ok. So I put my shoes on and out we went.

We got off at Vulture Street / South Bank, and decided to have lunch at our favourite restaurant. It was so beautiful, and so relaxing, as you can see from this pic.

We had already ordered, we had our cups of coffee, and were just waiting for our lunch to arrive ...

All of a sudden, it hit me ... !

The soup!! I remember putting the pot on the stove, and turning it on full for starters, and then ... well, then we left!

We decided to go ahead and eat our meal, quickly. Then we hurried back to the station - fortunately only about a 2 minute wait for a train. Arriving back in Fortitude Valley Peter (being a faster walker) went on ahead of me (nearly getting himself fun over on Brunswick St in his hurry).

As I came puffing up the hill I could see him opening our back door ... standing at the traffic lights waiting to cross I could smell it!

At least there weren't any fire engines! It had been on a good 2 -3 hours. There really wasn't any soup left to speak of.

So now we have washed all the curtains and everything, and had the windows open and fans blowing through. Nilodor sprayed around finished the job.

Think we might go down into the city this morning. Feeling like soup - got a nice new saucepan - but it can wait till we come back!

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