Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On the loose in Brissie City

We've had a lot of rain ...

Purple rain!

Jacarandas are the tree of choice in Gregory Terrace - not so great for parking your car under!

So we now have time, between showers, to walk around the city where we are apparently so famous.

We like to walk, and are getting quite good at finding our way around.

A new initiative by the City Council is the City Cycles.

There are lots of these racks of bikes all over the city - and a lot of stands that have no bikes yet. Seems like a good idea, but ... well, they're not that cheap, you have to pay to sign up for the scheme and have a special card or something. And then there is the question of helmets - you have to wear one, so what? just happened to have one in my handbag here ... ? Oh you will be able to hire them (erch!) or buy some sort of cheap disposable ones ($$) at the time.

The biggest problem I can see is the roads. It's dangerous enough walking on the pavements in Brisbane. Where is one to ride? Oh, the pavement ...

I have actually seen 3 of these bikes out and about being used - all on the pavement.

I guess soon they will iron out the wrinkles and it could be a pleasant and innovative idea.

No Parking!

Of course bikes are a good idea in a city where it is hard to find a parking spot.

I think these people might be serious about not wanting us to park in their driveway.

The Big Story

The Story Bridge is visible from our kitchen window, and enhances any view - especially at night when it's all lit up.

And the Brisbane river, winding its way through the city, is beautiful from any angle.

It's a lovely walk from here onto the bridge itself. For a fee (about $100 each, I gather) you can actually walk over the top of the bridge, way up there.

Personally I'm quite comfortable looking out from here.

Most parts of the river have a pathway of some kind - a boardwalk in places where there is nowhere else to walk.

Our Favourite Restaurant

Being mostly Vegetarian these days, we find that not all restaurants have suitable dishes.

But just down in 'the valley' on Wickham St is a tiny Asian restaurant, the Kuan-Yin Tea Rooms.

This is what they offer.

Of course it was Lisa that introduced it to us. It's become a bit of a tradition to meet Lisa and the boys, and James when he is in Brisbane too, at our restaurant.

To go or stay?

We are enjoying living in our little apartment in this beautiful city.

So, shall we stay? Dunno. Depends on jobs. Waiting to see.

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